Éric Jacob   2014/07/24

Soaps. Triclocarban additive because of prostatic adenoma.

The additive Triclocarban: an antibacterial agent most commonly used in soaps increase the action of testosterone

While many chemicals commonly used in products of everyday life are revealed recently to have effects on the cells of our bodies (see bisphenol A), a new study published in December 2007 shows an antibacterial agent now incorporated in many soaps increase the effect of testosterone on human cells and rats, causing such an abnormal increase in prostate volume of the latter.

Triclocarban, or TCC or 3,4,4-trichlorocarbanilide, is frequently used in soaps, shower gels, lotions, detergents, disinfectants for its antibacterial and antibiotic.This chemical inhibits the bacterial enzyme ENR (enoylacyl carrier protein reductase), required for the construction of many bacteria and fungi on their cell membrane.

This enzyme is not present in humans.

The team of Bill Lasley, University of California-Davis, shows a new effect of hitherto unidentified triclocarban on human cells in culture and rats.

The most significant effect seems to be an increase in prostate size of castrated rats fed a diet containing 0.25% of CBT and on hormone testosterone.

Their prostate shifted from an average weight of 137 + / - 8 mg to 228 + / - 24 mg (p <0.05) compared with the group of rats under hormonal treatment alone.

The mechanism could be an increased expression of the receptor for testosterone and a slight increase in the expression of genes typically under the control of the hormone testosterone, results observed in human cells maintained in culture.

Such an effect could explain some unexplained fertility problems. The effects of triclocarban at doses commonly used in fertility, reproduction or contraception will be studied in greater depth.

The authors commented on their findings by saying that long before that antibacterial agents are incorporated in soap, wash hands with soap avoided such disease transmission.

The team has filed a patent to use the CBT as a treatment to increase the effect of testosterone.

References:Chen J, Ahn KC, Gee NA, Mohamed MI, Duleba AJ, Zhao s, Gee SJ, Hammock BD, Lasley BL.

Triclocarban Enhances Testosterone Action: A New Type of Endocrine Disruptor?

Endocrinology. 2007 Nov 29;

Source: http://www.questions-science.com


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  Éric Jacob   2014/07/24
Éric Jacob   2010-07-19 08:45:45

Eric Jacob

Triclosan (or 2,4,4 '-trichloro-2'-hydroxy-diphenyl ether) is a synthetic compound derived from chemistry.

Structure and use of triclocarban close enough (or Trichloro-3, 4,4 'Carbanilides) which is often treated it just be an opinion of the European SCCP (Scientific Committee on Consumer Products) calls into question its safe use.

Savons, cosmétiques, dentifrices, triclosan et triclocarban percent la barriere cutanee

Triclosan is a conservative, also used as deodorant agent. It is antimicrobial and bactericidal said broad spectrum (that is to say, effective on a large number of germs).

Too effective?

The ruthless efficiency of triclosan and triclocarban have often been questioned.

These compounds thus constitute much too powerful for their place in cosmetic use everyday.several teams of researchers have stressed that they would be likely to cause bacterial resistance (of the same type that has developed antibiotic), urging them to limit employment uses really relevant, that is to say more in the operating rooms of hospitals than in deodorants or gel cleansers.

In an opinion issued on January 19, 2009 triclosan, the European SCCP (Scientific Committee on Consumer Products) believes, however, lack sufficient data to confirm this.

Job security challenge

But the same SCCP notes that triclosan has the ability to cross large proportions skin barrier (including its presence has been detected in breast milk of women who had been exposed), which calls into question the previously accepted threshold of the NOAEL (no observed adverse effect dose).

Even if a claim not to mutagenic or genotoxic compound said, the SCCP considers, however, its use in doses currently allowed in all cosmetic products (0.3% triclosan, 0.2% for triclocarban as a preservative and 1.5% if used for other purposes in products rinse) does not guarantee consumer safety.

And recommend that its use be limited to toothpaste, hand soaps, shower gels and deodorants.


  Éric Jacob   2014/07/24
Éric Jacob   2010-07-19 10:04:07

Eric Jacob

Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal agent with broad spectrum. It is also called 5-chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) phenol.

It is found in soaps, deodorants, toothpastes and many consumer goods are impregnated with triclosan: kitchen utensils, toys, bedding, garbage bags... It reduces bacterial contamination on hands and processed products.

Triclosan has been suspected to cause the development of more resistant bacteria. But no study could prove this to date.

Studies have shown that triclosan can combine with chlorine to form chloroform gas. The conditions for the chemical reaction requires a significant excess of chlorine and a high concentration of triclosan.

Triclosan is one of endocrine disruptors. Its effects have been observed particularly in amphibians (Rana catesbeiana, Xenopus laevis). He showed an acute and chronic toxicity to aquatic species. In addition, triclosan is bio-accumulative.

As triclosan, triclocarban is a suspected endocrine disruptor. Although triclocarban has a low or no endocrine activity, this chemical agent would increase the biological activity of testosterone. A study at UC Davis shows a significant amplification of the activity of testosterone by triclocarban, both in vitro and in vivo (using male rats).

In vivo, ten days of exposure of rats to triclocarban (orally) causes a substantial increase in the weight of the genitals and prostate.

This raises some concerns among men older than 45 years, because this endocrine disrupter is widely used in personal care products and anti-bacterial.

Researchers have found two main effects:

  • In human cells in the laboratory, triclocarban led to an increase in gene expression that is normally regulated by testosterone.
  • And when male rats were fed triclocarban, the testosterone-dependent organs such as prostate cancer, their sizes are greatly increased.

The researchers said their discovery on the hormonal effects of increased triclocarban was recent.

All previous studies on endocrine disruptors showed that in general endocrine disrupters acting by blocking or decreasing hormone effects (and not increasing them).


  Éric Jacob   2014/07/24
Éric Jacob   2010-07-19 10:20:45

Eric Jacob

Commercial argument to fear

The treatment available against underarm odor is a treatment to reduce bacterial growth by the use of endocrine disruptors (or ticlosan triclocarban), often present in soaps against perspiration and deodorants.

Bread Loaf cleaner Sebo-LUTSINE, Oily and problematic.

Composition: soap-free, it gently cleanses with a choice of surfactants, with a pH adjusted to physiological pH of the skin, maintaining a balance and avoiding skin irritation. It purifies and cleanses through triclocarban, removes excess sebum without hyperseborrhoea reaction.
Composition: without soap. With perfume but discreet. Mild cleanser and Superfatting, triclocarban 0.2%.
Ingredients:disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, zea mays, cetearyl alcohol, aqua, glycerin, hydrogenated castor oil, talc, paraffinum liquidum, cocamidopropyl betaine, triclocarban, citric acid, CI 77891, fragrance.
Lab: Lutsia, Boots Healthcare, 49 rue de Bitche - 92415 Courbevoie Cedex Paris.

NOBACTER - SOAP, Sensitive Skin, Bread 100g

Especially suitable for sensitive skin or problem, Nobacter Soap cleans and purifies the skin.
Anti-bacterial (Triclocarban 0.9%).
Sweet almond oil (1%) + lanolin (1%) to moisturize the skin.
No alcohol.
Without dye.
alkaline pH of 8 to 10.
Leaves skin healthy and hydrated.
Composition: Sodium palmata, Sodium Palmata Kernelate, Aqua, Prunus Dulcis, lanolin Triclocarban, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Fragrance, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Alpha Ionone Isomethyl.



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