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Protocol for removal of heavy metals (toxic).
(Detoxification, drug rehabilitation, melatonin, )

Protocol recommended for removing heavy metals

Important caveat

Mercury is "fashionable" whenever there is a health problem somewhat unexplained, they rushed to say that. "I am intoxicated by mercury!" But nothing is certain!

Before the purely "mercenary" of some therapists, doctors, even "gurus" who alone account for seminars or to sell products, and who make a hype of this "problem", I believe that putting Focus is now necessary, and I am sharing my thoughts after a few years of observation.

If a real mercury poisoning is of course possible, and is taken very seriously, I realized that it is much rarer than one imagines.Most of the time causes health problems will be to look elsewhere, even if the obvious symptoms can be assumed to mercury poisoning.

  • First of all there poisoning causes permanent and often simply due to general pollution,
  • the poor quality of food, wrong food habits,
  • the poor quality of the living, rest or work,
  • at high exposures to electromagnetic fields disturbing.
  • candidiasis (more frequent) have similar symptoms
  • The presence of entities

Many people have been in contact with mercury and / or have many fillings in the mouth, and pose no health problem.I myself remember having often played as a child with these little balls of "quicksilver," this mercury out of broken thermometers, and I also had many amalgam... I have NEVER presented the slightest symptoms or health problems...
Cons by some people that have one or two fillings, for a short time, and seem completely intoxicated... mercury is therefore a (small) part of the problem.
How reliable "analysis"?

Regarding EC specific problem of "heavy metals", do not make a blind trust to the analysis:

  • A hair analysis is not representative of what is happening elsewhere in your body... The hair is exposed to all pollution, from air pollution, smoke, and all attacks that inflict their shampoos and other products " beauty ", not to mention the stains, dyes, etc. Take with caution.
  • If there is mercury (or other "heavy metal" and equivalent) in a urine test is that you have been in contact with this "heavy metal", and your body functioning very normally, is currently to eliminate it.
  • Ditto for the stool tests. For an organization "in good condition" has all the capabilities to get rid of these undesirable elements...
  • Ditto for the analysis of blood. mercury in the blood is "circulating".It will be led by the blood in the liver and kidneys, which are major "filters" in the body, and unless a system failure, this will also mercury in urine and / or feces, and will be evacuated, so... do not panic just to watch.

For cons, the lack of mercury in one or other of these tests does not guarantee that there is no mercury somewhere in your body: we do not levy a small piece of your brain or your heart to analyze...

There may be mercury "encysted" within certain cells (brain, heart, liver or other), and the mercury (which is the only potentially dangerous) never appear in any test above...

So, apart from the fact that this is working well laboratories, the tests do not prove much.

The dangers of self-medication

If a person who has actually been poisoned with mercury, and whose health is low, whose vitality (vital energy) is low, starts careless disposal of a protocol, it will suddenly "free" and "put into circulation "a significant amount of mercury molecules that the body had patiently and skillfully" isolated "," encapsulated "and rendered harmless... and this" invasion "can be extremely dangerous. Beware of self-testing and self-treatment, you can do much more harm than you imagine.


  • It is important to consult a competent therapist, who will be able to detect energy by testing the presence of virulence and especially the influence on overall health, mercury or other "heavy metal", and only when necessary , who will take the necessary precautions and a serious treatment and safe.
  • It is imperative to strengthen the body before embarking on a "disposal" which can be very difficult to support a weakened body.
  • Improve or change your eating habits need to "get" to the "Mediterranean diet".
  • Arrange for control and "clean" energy deep.
  • Start a serious nutritional supplementation at least one or two months before starting the protocol for disposal.

These clarifications, if necessary to eliminate mercury "trapped" in the body,

it will be essential to follow these rules.

CAUTION: This protocol is provided as a guide, it must be "tested" and customized for each person - consult a qualified therapist. It will take very seriously, and for several months.

Basic salary

Throughout the duration of treatment, it will be necessary to significantly increase the consumption of protein, minerals, fatty acids and amount of fluids to drink

Proteins: provide important precursors for endogenous agents providing transport and detoxification of metals such as coeruloplasmine, metallothionein, glutathione, and others.

Minerals:The metals are housed only in sites that are favorable to the installation of their ions. Any mineral deficiency provides the opportunity to toxic metals fit into the available sites. A healthy mineral base is essential to address any detoxification (selenium, zinc, manganese, germanium, molybdenum, etc.). Replace some minerals can sometimes be enough to detoxify the body.

Electrolytes: Are also very important (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) because they can carry toxic waste from the extracellular space to lymphatic vessels and veins. Add a balanced solution of electrolytes in small amounts of water can restore the balance intra and extra cellular

Lipids:(From fatty acids) are 60 to 80% of central nervous system and must be constantly replenished. Any deficiency makes the nervous system vulnerable to soluble metals, such as metallic mercury constantly escaping in the form of steam odorless and invisible, dental amalgams.

Liquids: Without an adequate intake of fluids, the kidneys may be contaminated by metals. The basement membrane swells and the kidney can no longer effectively filter toxins.

Active treatment

It is based on the concurrent use of herbal products:

  • Coriander
  • Garlic or wild garlic
  • Chlorella
  • Cardus marianus (silymarin)

For those who can get them, I strongly recommend the use of herbal remedies "CERES" (the "Rolls Royce of herbal...), but be careful with products of conventional plant, the proportions are different from those I indicate below, it may be necessary (depending on the product) to 20 drops instead of 3 or 4. Should be tested.

Cilantro (Chinese parsley, cilantro).
This herb has the ability to mobilize mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum in both bones in the central nervous system.
This is probably the only effective agent capable of mobilizing mercury intracellular housed in space (handset to mitochondria, tubulin, liposomes, etc. ) And in the cell nucleus (repairing DNA damage by mercury).
Insofar cilantro mobilizes more toxins than it can carry out the body, it is necessary to administer an agent simultaneously absorbing toxins in the intestine. it is the role of chlorella.

Dosage and application of tincture of coriander.
Give 2 drops 2 times / day at the beginning just before the meal or 30 minutes after taking chlorella.
Gradually increase up to 10 drops 3 times / day for a good result.
During the initial phase of detoxification, coriander should be administered for 1 week, interrupting for 2-3 weeks.

CAUTION: With the CERES products, the number of drops will be much lower... (3-4 drops). CERES is distributed by: http://www.ebipharm.c.

There are other ways to administer the coriander.

External application:
5 drops 2 times per day on the ankles to mobilize metals housed in all organs, joints and structures located below the diaphragm, and on the wrists for organs, joints and structures located above the diaphragm.
The cuffs are fitted with an intense autonomic innervation (axonal uptake of cilantro) and are crossed by the main network nodes (lymphatic uptake).

Effective for headache or other acute symptoms (joint pain, sore throat, headache). rub 10-15 drops on the painful part.
Relieve Most of the time, almost instantly.

Infusion of coriander.
$ 10 to 20 drops in a cup of hot water.
Drink slowly.Cleans quickly the brain of many neurotoxins.

Chlorella is in the form C. pyrénéidosa (better absorption of toxins) and C. vulgaris (CGF contains more, easier to digest, but less able to absorb metals).

start with 1 gram (= 4 tablets of 250 mg) 3-4 times per day.
This is the standard maintenance dose for an adult over the 6-24 months of active addiction. During the most intense phases of detox (every 2-4 weeks, for ten days), whenever cilantro is given, the dose may be increased to 3 or 4 grams 3 times a day and then return to the dosage maintenance.
Preferably take 30 minutes before main meals, because that way chlorella is exactly in the portion of small intestine receives bile at the beginning of the meal and can thus pick up metals and other toxic wastes. These are then absorbed by the cell membrane of chlorella and evacuated with the feces.

If you take vitamin C during your detox program, it should be taken as far as possible from chlorella (preferably after meals).

Upon removal of dental amalgam, should be administered a higher dose 2 days before surgery, then 2-5 days after surgery (more than the number of amalgam fillings removed, the higher the dose and duration should be increased).
By cons, do not use cilantro for dental treatment.
Do not at this time, expose the patient to an additional quantity of heavy metals and therefore do not release those that are stored deep in the tissues.

Side Effects: Most side effects result from toxicity due to metals that have been captured and routed out of the body. This problem is instantly avoided by increasing the dose of chlorella, not decreasing it, which would only worsen the problem (small chlorella doses mobilize more metal than they can absorb in the gut while high doses of chlorella can mobilize more toxins that it is not).

Growth Factor Chlorella (CGF)
This is an extract of chlorella hot concentrating certain peptides, proteins and other ingredients.Research shows that with the use of this product in children have no tooth decay and their dentition (maxillo-facial development) is near perfect.
They are healthier, grow faster, have higher IQs and are more socially adapted. It has been observed in some patients, a spectacular remission of tumors after taking CGF in high doses. In our experience, CGF greatly facilitates the work of detoxification, making it faster and more efficient.

Recommended Dose: 1 capsule of CGF for 20 tablets of chlorella.

Garlic (Allium sativum) and wild garlic (Allium ursinum).

Garlic contains elements that protect red blood cells and white blood cells caused by oxidation of the metals in the bloodstream (during their removal) but it also has its own detoxifying functions. Garlic contains many sulfur compounds, including the remarkable group of sulph-hydryl which oxidize mercury, cadmium and lead, making them soluble in water. It is then easy for the body to rid itself of these substances. Garlic also contains alliin which, using an enzyme, is transformed into allicin, "Nature's Antimicrobial most powerful." But patients poisoned by metals almost always suffer from secondary infections, which are often the cause of a number of symptoms. But garlic also contains the most important mineral which protects from mercury toxicity, selenium bioactive.Most products containing selenium are poorly absorbed and do not reach the body parts that need it. The selenium in garlic is the natural biological source of most benefit to us. Garlic also protects against heart disease and cancer. The half-life of allicin (garlic when crushed) does not exceed 14 days. Most presentations of commercial garlic contains allicin more active. What differentiates them from the freeze-dried garlic. The wild garlic tincture is excellent for detoxification, but less effective as an antimicrobial agent.

Dosage: 1-3 capsules freeze dried garlic after each meal. Start with one capsule a day after the main meal, gradually increasing to a higher dose.Initially, the patient may experience discomfort (due to the destruction of pathogenic fungi or bacteria). Pour 5-10 drops of wild garlic on food at least 3 times per day.

Fish oil:
The complexes of fatty acids EPA and DHA contained in fish oil increases the flexibility of red blood cells and white blood cells, thus improving the microcirculation in the brain, heart and other tissues. All detoxification functions depend on an optimal supply of oxygen and good circulation.

Dosage: 1 capsule of Omega 3, 4 times per day during the active phase of treatment, and 1 capsule 2 times daily as maintenance dose.

Balanced electrolyte solution (Selectrolyte).

In most poisoned patients, the autonomic nervous system indicates a malfunction.
The electrical messages from the body are not received, are misunderstood or misinterpreted, and toxins can be transported to the extracellular space. A higher consumption of natural sea salt (Celtic sea salt, avoiding the common table salt) has proved very successful in solving a number of these problems.
The results obtained with the solution developed by American chemist Ketkovsky feels excellent.
He created a formula to replace the electrolyte of the most effective way. This product was later expanded by the "Morin Labs and is now called" selectrolyte. It seems to amplify every aspect of the detoxification process.

Dosage: 1 tsp Tea in a cup of good quality water 1-3 times a day.
During periods of greater stress, dosage can be increased temporarily to 1 c. soup 3 times a day.

Some more aggressive treatments, such as those using Glutathione, DMPS, the CaEDTA and others may be suitable for people in relatively good health, but make worse the condition of patients whose disease is more advanced.
Providing therapeutic support can be, moreover, a remarkable help, especially in neurobiology (PK) or therapy energy fields (MFT) to enable the elimination of toxins hidden in the body.

Both chlorella as coriander, garlic, wild garlic or fatty acids may be of very different and present nutritional properties very unequal or even contain contaminants.

Detoxification of heavy metals should be done with great care, according to proper procedure


I advise every day, in ALL cases, and for the duration of treatment:

Adopt strict Mediterranean diet, with particular attention to prevent the flow of toxic products, and focusing entirely organic food production and bioenergy.

Supplementation is the mainstay of treatment, and contribute to strengthening the body:

Take 6 days 7 (1 day of "rest" per week) or 25 days per month (and 5 days off)

  • Wild garlic: tincture Ceres, 4 drops in a glass of water, 3 x per day
  • Coriander. tincture Ceres, 4 drops in a glass of water, 1 x per day, morning
  • Chlorella:2 tablets of 250 mg 3 x daily before meals
  • Preparation of soy protein: 1-2 times per day, and at least the morning
  • Multi-mineral formulation, to be specified by your therapist
  • A universal antioxidant
  • Vitamin C 500 delay: 2 capsules daily with meals
  • Vitamin E 400 IU: 1 x 1 capsule daily in the morning, with lunch
  • Fatty acids EPA / EPO: 1 to 2 capsules 3 X daily with meals
  • Selenium 100 mcg: 2 x 1 capsule daily with meals
  • Drainage of the excretory organs, particularly liver, to facilitate removal and relief organization: TOXEX drainer spagyric Fisher
  • Carduus Marianus (CERES). 2-5 drops, 1-3 times per day
  • Desmodium ascendens, protection and regeneration of liver
  • Treatment of candidiasis, drainage emunctories

WARNING:this protocol is provided as an indication.
It MUST be specified, followed by a personalized and competent therapist.

By C. Recking


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where I can write to ask about my child?


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Hello. Where you can buy tincture of cilantro?

Answer: The mother tincture of CERES brand are generally available on the company's Web site.




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I have a four year old son with autism. They say that chelation is positive against this evil. Would it help a method like the one you exposed?


Autism and fibromyalgia are actually considered from immunization with adjuvant (heavy metals or squalene). Babies and children are vaccinated largely is not impossible that some autism is dedicated. Some children recover spontaneously when parents withdraw vaccine adjuvants. The heavy metals of interest are aluminum and mercury that are injected intramuscularly. But eventually migrate aluminum in the brain.

Chelate mercury, DMSA should be used.
To chelate aluminum, magnesium malate use (eating green apples, but ingestion of magnesium may also help free aluminum).

Unfortunately, since laboratories may be responsible for these diseases, there is no evidence or statistics on the subject, or if any attention as possible.
Caring for your child for chelation is the desire to give a chance to heal at your own risk.

Caution in dosage, intensive chelation with DMSA is not without risks. This treatment should last at least a year.

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Charles Debussy 100003253108336 - Be happy, not blind

Alliin and allicin

Alliin is a sulfoxide that is a natural constituent of garlic. It is a derivative of cysteine, an amino acid. When fresh garlic is crushed or chopped, the enzyme alliinase converts alliin into allicin which is responsible for the aroma of fresh garlic. Garlic has been used since antiquity as a medicinal remedy against hyperoxia and actually, after studies, garlic has proven to be a highly effective anti-oxidant that has the property of capture of the hydroxyl radical, surely due to the alliin contained within.

When the effect of alliin is observed on blood cells in vitro, an increase of phagocyte phagocytosis capacity is observed.

Allicin is an organosulfur compound abundant in garlic in a slightly more complex form, as found in onions and other species of the Alliaceae family. She was isolated for the first time and studied in the laboratory by Chester J. Cavallito in 1944. It is a colorless liquid with a pungent odour characteristic. This compound exhibits antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Allicin is part of the defence mechanisms of some Alliums like garlic against the attacks of insects and other predators.

Many studies on the animal published between 1995 and 2005 indicate that allicin may:

  • reduce atherosclerosis and fat deposits in arteries.
  • normalize the lipoprotein balance and reduce blood pressure.
  • have properties anti-thrombosis,
  • anti-inflammatory and antioxidant of some importance.

Other studies have shown a strong oxidative effect in damaging intestinal cells bowel.

In 2009, Vaidya, Ingold, and Pratt have clarified how allicin works to produce these medical effects, including trapping harmful free radicals. According to them, these are the products sulfenic acids (sulfenic acids result from the enzymatic decomposition of allicin and related compounds derived from tissue damage to garlic, onions, and other plants of the genus Allium) by the decomposition of allicin, that extremely rapidly react with free radicals to be binding.

Antibacterial activity of allicin

An account of the bactericidal activity of allicin was done by Ankri and Mirelman in 1999. Because of the increasing prevalence of strains of Staphylococcus aureus resistant to Methicillin in hospitals and outside, there is an urgent need to find new agents that can be used against these bacteria. In this context, Cutler and Wilson, in 2004, have studied the effect of allicin on these bacteria. They have used a new extract of allicin aqueous and stable and have achieved very promising results:

  • They noted that the use of an extract of allicin water based stabilised allicin molecules.
  • They also noted that this is likely due to the establishment of a hydrogen bond between a hydrogen atom of one molecule of water with oxygen of allicin and also that there may be, in crushed garlic, components soluble in water which destabilize this link (probablythe dilution of these components in the water helps preserve the allicin molecules).
  • Cutler and Wilson tested allicin on 30 isolates of clinic with various susceptibilities to mupirocin (82% showed intermediate or full resistance to mupirocin). The strains were tested by antibiogram. 88% of the strains tested had an inhibitive minimum concentration for the extract of allicin to 16 μg.ml-1 and all were inhibited by the 32 μg.ml-1solution. In addition, 88% of isolates had minimal concentrations bactericidal to 128 μg.ml-1 and all were killed at 256 μg.ml-1.
  • Cutler and Wilson also found that an aqueous cream of allicin was somewhat less effective than the extract of allicin. However, to 500 μg.ml-1, this cream was also active against all bacteria tested, compared with mupirocin in 20,000 μg.ml-1 (i.e. 20 mg.ml-1) commonly used for topical applications.




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